Our Services

I give many sorts of services . I mainly work as W.A.S.P(Web Application Serice Provider). But I also work on different types of courses and programming language.

Also I do earphone repairing.And much more.

W.A.S.P(Web Application Service Provider)

Applications nowadays need a proper maintenace. Online based application needs it more. So you can make your application with me and host it under my supervision

Courses on Different Topics

I also train people privately/with batch in many topics online.

  • Programming
  • Web Development
  • ICT

Repairing Earphone

Repair your earphone and gadgets accessories


  • Extremely Cost Efficient($)
  • No need to manage
  • Low Cost Modification

Self Hosted

  • Extremely Costly($$$)
  • Manage Yourself
  • Costly Modification Retain